My interest in guppies started in the early 1940's, However it wasn't until 1956 that I set up my first tank. As it usually happens as the fish multiplied so did the number of tanks. The fish I originally started with would be considered semi-fancy by todays standards. Since that time the fish have won hundreds of trophies and awards. They have also provided base breeding stock for many of yesterdays and todays top guppy breeders. About 20 years ago not being satisfied with quality of dry foods at that time I started making up my own MASTER BLEND fish food. Over the years I have modified the blend as better ingredients have become available.

The books I have written are "THE PROPER CARE OF GUPPIES" and 'AQUARIUM CARE OF GUPPIES" published by T.F.H. which are written for the beginner and mid-level breeder. It contains lots of information as well as many pictures of show quality guppies from various breeders.

There are no real secrets to raising guppies, mostly it is a matter of common sense, properly applied. When starting off try to obtain quality young fish from 2 - 5 months of age. Feed a combination of live baby brine shrimp, dry foods and perhaps frozen adult brine shrimp. Feed only as much as the fish will eat in a short period of time, don't over feed. Change water on a regular basis, and don't over crowd the tanks. By following these basic rules you will cut down on disease problems and provide for the proper conditions for growth.